Kerala Kitchen

We are the one-stop single supply source available for all Indian Food Stuffs Importers across the world, specialized in Kerala food. We have brought almost all the items-both food and non-food- under the same roof, considerably helping the importers of this field to substantially save their product sourcing time, efforts and also expenses.

We are also highly experienced in out-sourcing various other Brand of materials too for the customers, incorporating anything like Edible Oils, Cow Ghee, branded Snacks, Herbals and Ayurvedic products, Cosmetics, Hosiery and Banyan materials, Steel-Aluminum Utensils/Vessels, Household Articles, Handicrafts, Agar Bathi / Incense Sticks etc. Now we have combined our various operations and have started direct exports of all these merchandise under a single company Sealine Impex, and have launched our own Brand & Style registered, Kerala Kitchen. The Brand is supported with a 13 Digit International Bar Code also for the wholesale / retail marketing convenience, as per international norms. All the items are packed and presented most attractively with international appeal, quite impressive & convincing to the customer. Materials are re-packed in strong virgin cartons too for maximum product safety and also bringing down transit damages. We earnestly invite your good selves to kindly go through our detailed Product List attached here, along with this site.